Meet the Team

Jan Lindholm - Chairman

Educated at Stockholm University and holding 

a degree in Economics Accounting and 

Finance, Mr Lindholm brings an understanding 

of international business and an understanding 

of the Nordic market together with a hands-on

experience of executing rapid and profitable 

growth through an acquisition strategies.

Alex Upton - Managing Director

With an in-depth knowledge of technical and 

fundamental analysis of global markets, holding 

an Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading from 

Divento Financial Academy in London, Mr Upton

brings with him a significant understanding of 

economic indicators and market drivers, Mr

Upton has held directorships and advisory 

roles in companies from various sectors, from

construction and automotive to financial 


Scott Flook - Head of International Sales

Former investment banker Mr Flook has held 

positions with some of the worlds leading 

institutions including Credit Suisse, Deutsche 

Bank, Barclays and Bear Stearns. With a wealth 

experience in areas such as OTC derivatives, 

settlement of cash securities and position 

reconciliation, Mr Flook brings a rich mix of high 

level expertise in business and banking sector

development, sales & management.

Kevin Shinduke - Non Executive Director

Since garnering an undergraduate degree in 

Electrical Engineering from the University of 

Alberta in 1990, Mr Shinduke has become an 

accomplished business professional having 

worked in hitech, construction and corporate

financing in Europe, The Middle East and 

Canada. His experience includes helping

technology companies secure new clients in the 

Financial Services sector in London as well as 

assisting companies globally develop strategies 

for IPO readiness.