Prime Nordic 10 Investment Criteria

Prime Nordic evaluates many factors in order to determine whether any given investment opportunity is a good one (and is appropriate for consideration). Research is needed in order to understand a company’s financials, market position, industry trends, volatility and growth potential.

While every opportunity has its different nuances, the Prime Nordic 10 Investment Criteria can be seen the general framework of how we analyse an investment opportunity and the various considerations involved.

  • Strong management team
    A clear path of succession, including retention of existing owners at the board level in active and clear management strategies
  • High growth potential
    Proven business model, scale -up potential, strong international expansion potential
  • Innovative
    Disruptive product, creative, advanced & original
  • Clear, compelling and sustainable value proposition
    Fundamental ability to communicate effectively, with clear statement of intent
  • Potential positive impact on people, economies and the environment
    Products or services with ability add value to society or be desired by consumers
  • Strong Ownership Structure
    Known co shareholders of excellent standing and reputation
  • Size & Liquidity
    Strong liquidity and can be quickly bought or sold in the market at a price reflecting the stocks intrinsic value
  • Unique or differentiated business model or product offering
    Demonstration of unique aspects emphasising superior market placement
  • Portfolio Balance
    Investment suits diversification requirements to mitigate unsystematic risk
  • Technically Appropriate
    Technical chart price analysis supports value & entry

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