Prime Nordic Indices

Prime Nordic Indices

Prime Nordic Asset Management Ltd publishes a number of indices, based on the experience & discretionary decisions of the Prime Nordic Investment Committee.

Each index has it’s own rules & parameters with the main objective to provide above benchmarked market returns (Alpha), whilst aiming for an equivalent or below benchmarked market volatility (Beta).

These indices offer investors an insight to the Prime Nordic investment philosophies, demonstrating diversification and steady achievable long term capital gains.

Candidates for components of the indices are selected based on the rules for each individual index. This includes individual merit, stability, growth potential whilst being mindful of environmental, social and governance sustainability. Higher volatility stocks are omitted, alongside any adding over representation to any sector or subsector. In each case, a basket of securities to represent each particular Prime Nordic Investment Universe, is either used to display the strength of the assets behind our bond/STO programmes or to be available for investors to track through the purchase of the corresponding ETI’s (Exchange traded instruments).

Further Information on the Prime Nordic Indices can be found at the Prime Nordic Asset Management Ltd website,

The performance and components of each index can also be viewed through the links below.

Prime Nordic Small Cap 25 Index

Prime Nordic Mid Cap 25 Index  

Prime Nordic Large Cap 30 Index

Prime Nordic Biotech 25 Index

Prime Nordic 30 High Dividend Low Volatility Index