15 Apr

The Prime Nordic 30 High Dividend Low Volatility Index continues to show another month of gains.

20 of the 30 Companies have printed positive 7-day results with the overall total return since inception standing at 64.20%

PN30 HDLV Holdings (as at 15.04.2022)

Once again, diversification seems to be the key.

Arising from portfolio theory, diversification comes from a very simple idea, familiar to everyone, “don’t put all your eggs in the same basket”

Diversification helps smooth portfolio returns over time: as one investment increases, it offsets losses from another investment, thereby providing more regular returns on investment under various economic and market conditions.

PN30 HDLV - Diversification Accross Industries

By carefully selecting those Nordic securities with a history of high dividend payments alongside a low volatility profile, the Prime Nordic 30 HDLV Index is holding up well in these uncertain times continuing to print positive results.

PN30 HDLV - Contributors to Returns

The index is updated daily & can be viewed here. We at Prime Nordic passionately believe in diversification as a core feature of our portfolio construction. And the recent global events have again reinforced this conviction.

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