17 May

As we look to the Nordic marketplace and in particular the PN30 Index, we can see the headlines point toward the suppossed "error by a Citibank trader" that led to a five minute "flash crash" on 2nd May.

The comonents of the PN30 Index were largely unaffected by the move as the index continues to maintain an average annual return of +35.47

Further stability came to the market as Finnish leaders joined Sweden by announcing their intentions to join NATO.  The announcements were met with support from leaders in almost all NATO nations. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters "the United States would strongly support the NATO application by either Sweden or Finland."

19 of the 30 index component companies have gone on to print positive 7-day results with the overall total return since inception standing at 51.32%

PN30 HDLV Holdings (as at 16.05.2022)

Once again, diversification seems to be the key.

Arising from portfolio theory, diversification comes from a very simple idea, familiar to everyone, “don’t put all your eggs in the same basket”

Diversification helps smooth portfolio returns over time: as one investment increases, it offsets losses from another investment, thereby providing more regular returns on investment under various economic and market conditions.

PN30 HDLV - Diversification Accross Industries

By carefully selecting those Nordic securities with a history of high dividend payments alongside a low volatility profile, the Prime Nordic 30 HDLV Index is holding up well in these uncertain times continuing to print positive results.

PN30 HDLV - Contributors to Returns

The index is updated daily & can be viewed here. We at Prime Nordic passionately believe in diversification as a core feature of our portfolio construction. And the recent global events have again reinforced this conviction.

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