15 Sep

Prime Nordic plc is launching a “first of its kind” digital bond STO that is fully tradable on a secondary market.

Investors can buy and trade the Security Tokens on the European Digital Asset Exchange (EDSX), the decentralized peer to peer exchange for trading digital financial instruments. The STO’s carry a fixed income of 5.25% per annum with interest accruing daily (5.39% AER), providing investors with predictable, forecastable returns. 

Investors can see the value of their investment grow on a daily basis, and they can either hold the Tokens until maturity (December 31st 2030), where they will automatically cash out, or alternatively offer their tokens for sale at any time through the EDSX platform.

The Tokens are legally binding, fool-proof smart contracts backed by the real time assets of the company, which in this case are the shares in 25 Nordic securities tracking the Prime Nordic Small Cap 25 Index. This provides a diversification to mitigate against unsystematic risk. More information on the components & performance of the underlying index can be viewed here. 

The product is suitable for professional investors and those who can self-certify to have knowledge and experience with financial instruments. More information on how to qualify can be found via the EDSX website.

The Nordics - the most transparent and stable region on Earth. 

More information: clientservices@primenordic.com 


15th September 2021

Prime Nordic plc is an investment company placing investments and holding a portfolio of Nordic companies on Nasdaq Nordic and similar Nordic Markets. Prime Nordic plc's mission is to provide sustainability through creating long-term and social value by investing in well governed companies that contribute positively to society. Prime Nordic seeks sound governance, risk management and compliance structures within their investee companies, as well as promoting healthy social, environmental and economic systems.


European Digital Asset Exchange, EDSX, is a company in Switzerland that provides a platform where investors can themselves arrange to sell and buy STOs. EDSX is the first platform in Europe to provide an exchange for issuers and investors and for the equity crowdfunding market. The Blockchain technology provided by EDSX, makes the listing and trading of financial instruments in a decentralized and peer to peer way possible. Easy for the issuer that has to raise new capital and secure for investors that are looking for the right risk-adjusted return.Thanks to asset digitalization and blockchain, EDSX allows projects and issuers to meet investors coming from all over the world, providing an unparalleled mediatic exposure. https://edsx.ch

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