07 Feb

Strategy, Investment, Partnering & Commercialisation for Life Science Executive Leaders

For 6 years, the LSX World Congress has been bringing together the executives that matter to the future of healthcare and life science business strategy, investment, partnering, deal making and commercialisation.

LSX World Congress gathers the founders and CEOs of innovative start-ups through to publicly listed life science giants, and everyone in between. It represents the breadth and depth of the cutting-edge research and technology driving the advances in the industry right now and in the near future.

Prime Nordic's Alex Upton & Scott Flook attended the conference and were delighted to meet up with Ulf Hannelius, CEO of Diamyd Medical, a Prime Nordic investee company, alongside Anna Styrud, the company's CFO. Diamyd is a First-in-class antigen-specific immuno-therapeutic under development for the preservation of endogenous insulin production. The topic of conversation centered around the results of recent clinical trials which have shown very successful and exciting outcomes. These results provide a boost to patients with Autoimmune Diabetes (Type 1 & LADA), representing 10-20% of all diabetes patients, and a multibillion US dollar addressable market.

Also in attendance at the Congress were industry giants such as Nasdaq, Goldman Sach's, Lilly & Medtronic, as well as a host of life science and healthcare companies, many of which falling within the scope of the Prime Nordic investment criteria. Prime Nordic gained valuable insights into the progression and potential of these companies, presenting strong & interesting cases for investment.

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