30 Aug

Prime Nordic plc has made investment into Smart Eye AB.

Smart Eye develops and markets eyetracking systems that can measure and calculate a person's gaze. Today the company has two business areas: Research Instruments and Automotive Solutions. Within Research Instruments, Smart Eye provides advanced eyetracking systems to measure and analyse human behaviour. Within Automotive Solutions, Smart Eye provides eyetracking software for integration in vehicles.

Solving the global traffic accident epidemic

The life-saving potential of Smart Eyes Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) is enormous and will fully come into play when the system is present in a majority of cars on the roads. Inattention, drowsiness and other impairments are one of the biggest contributors to the fact that road fatality is among the three most common causes of death for people aged 5-44 years. More than 1,2 million road deaths occurring every year and more than 50 million injuries.

Prime Nordic believes that with the spread of DMS moving from premium cars to so called C- and D-level cars (equivalent to VW Golf, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Ford Fusion etc), and with a wave of mass market Request for Quotations (RFQs), Smart Eye represents an exciting and timely investment opportunity.

With co shareholders including Swedbank and both Avanza and Danica pensions, beside an experienced board and strong management team, Smart Eye can be considered an appropriate investment to be included in the Prime Nordic portfolio.

Smart Eye’s shares have been listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market since 7 December 2016. The shares are included in the industrial products and services segment and are traded under the ticker symbol SEYE.

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