01 Nov

Prime Nordic plc Launches USD Bond.

Following the recent launch of the Prime Nordic EUR bond, the company is delighted to announce that the Prime Nordic plc 4.25%pa + 0.5% retention bonus USD bond is now available for subscription to qualifying investors.

The relative strength of the U.S. economy supports the value the dollar. It's the reason the dollar is the most powerful currency. Around $580 billion in U.S. bills are used outside the country. That's 65% of all dollars.

More than one-third of the world's gross domestic product comes from countries that peg their currencies to the dollar. That includes seven countries that have adopted the U.S. dollar as their own. Another 89 countries keep their currency in a tight trading range relative to the dollar, with around 90% of forex trading involving the U.S. dollar.

The Prime Nordic USD bond allows investors the opportunity to take advantage of the transparency and growth of companies within the Nordic Region whilst enabling the investor to forecast returns. The bonds offers subscription in the currency of US Dollars, for those investors who prefer to either hold their portfolio, or diversify their currency exposure, by holding an investment in the world’s most popular currency.

The Prime Nordic plc 4.25%pa + 0.5% retention bonus USD bond enables investors to redeem on each anniversary of each initial investment, meaning the investor is never more than 12 months away from an exit opportunity.

The bond pays 4.25% per year, with a further 0.5% bonus available for investors who decide to allow the investment to roll into the proceeding 12 months.

Key points:
4.25%pa + 0.5% retention bonus
Currency – US Dollars
Annual exit opportunity
Ultimate maturity date October 31st 2030

This product is for qualifying High Net Worth, Sophisticated & Institutional investors only.

Individuals who can categorise as High Net Worth or Sophisticated investors can request a copy of the Information Memorandum, which includes all the details and terms of the bond. To request a copy, please confirm your Investor Category by filling out an Investor Categorisation form here.

Institutional Investors can contact us at info@primenordic.com or by telephone on +44 203 923 0470, to request more information on the bond and details on how to subscribe

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