20 Sep

Prime Nordic is delighted to announce that a new product is close to launch.  The Prime Nordic Euro Bond is designed exclusively for Professional Investors.  Qualifying investors will include Institutional , Sophisticated and High Net Worth Investors.

The Prime Nordic Euro Bond, as the name suggests is denominated in Euros and will run for up to 10 years, with the benefit of annual redemption opportunities, meaning an investor is never more than 12 months away from accessing their funds.

Prime Nordic is now accepting pre-registration to receive an information pack on the new Prime Nordic Bond in €. Information packs are available on request from info@primenordic.com

NB. this is a pre-registration to receive information only and not an invitation to invest into the new € bond.

Prime Nordic is also announcing that as of the date of this press release, 20th September 2019, the company will seize to promote any of its products to, or on-board any new Restricted Retail investors.  This is a strategic decision that looks to protect the interests of both the company & bondholders by ensuring investors have sufficient knowledge, understanding and/or experience in financial products.

For more information, please contact

Alex Upton
Company Secretary

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